Trying to raise the bar for academic projects…

Project-X team is a heterogeneous bunch of technocrats coming from different walks of life. The average age of the team is under 30 and the energy levels are always above the required levels ;-). They understand exactly the problems faced by students in doing their projects, because they themselves have gone through the same, just a few years ago. This common problem bonds the team and also ensures that everyone searches for a solution with earnestness and agility. The strength of the team is the strong technical edge and a practical view – which helps in keeping the product robust and bug free.

These geeks are managed by highly experienced super geeks!

Project-X is brought to you by Soft Corner - a profitable software firm which, in its last 16 plus years of existence, has brought several successful products to the market and boasts of a very happy customer base.

Bharat Patil
Shrikanth Narayanan Saurabh Kadekodi Sanyogita Ranade Yash Kelkar Arundhati Palnitkar Arun Kadekodi
Swapnil Farande Meenal Kadekodi Narita Pandhe Ashish Bhumkar Abhishek Agrawal Ravindra Damle Ketan Akade