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Connection between Students, Academia and Industry with Project


Students to Project-X are enthusiasts who get a kick out of developing projects. They usually have innovative ideas or are in constant search for new concepts to work upon. Join the network to get connected with countless who have similar technical interests and/or working on the next big thing to happen.


Academia to Project-X are professors or people actively involved in teaching and mentoring students with their projects and course work. You can try out interesting proof of concepts with enthusiastic students and develop prototypes for your research findings, at the same time, maintain the privacy of your idea and intellectual property. Join the network to know more about research activities in other universities and institutions and, contribute more by helping students out here.


Industry to Project-X are professionals who work on several emerging technologies and have the vision and expertise to take an idea to the product level. Join the network and provide technical guidance to students from your past institute, or your city, or working in similar platforms that you have expertise on.
Sponsor projects to students and stay closer to students, gaining more brand value and attract better talent. Industries looking at potential employment perspective can assess students all through their project work, gaining a holistic view of the candidate's abilities and diligence.

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